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Who is M&M Designs?
M&M Designs is a small, home-grown business specializing in creating premium coats, collars, leashes and other delightful canine apparel. We are based in Overland Park, Kan., and have been in business for more than 10 years.  READ ABOUT US > >

How is M&M Designs different from other businesses who create premium collars and luxury dog apparel?
Simple, we do not keep our profits. We donate 100% of our profits to animal health research and adoption/rescue organizations. No one at M&M Designs draws a paycheck; we are all volunteers. Every coat or collar you purchase directly benefits a rescued dog or helps support the search for canine cancer cures.

What type of collars does M&M Designs create? Are they for all dog breeds?
Our collars fit most dog breeds. Our Signature collar is a Martingale style and you'll find breeds from Akitas to Otterhounds, Whippets to Weimaraners and everything in between wearing our collars. While we specialize in the Martingale type, if you have something else in mind, let's talk and see what we can do to meet your expectations. Our collars are sturdy, constructed using premium materials, from stunning ribbons to velvets and brocades.

Does M&M Designs have a brick and mortar store?
We do not. We primarily sell our fabulous products through our Web site, by word of mouth and at select events held throughout the Kansas City area, such as arts and crafts festivals, fairs and dog-related events. We'd love to see you at a coming event. Be sure to check our home page for announcements on where we'll be next!

What animal organizations benefit from M&M Designs' proceeds?
We donate 100% of our profits to GREYlong and to Kansas and Missouri animal rescue organizations. GREYlong is a nonprofit fundraising group who supports canine health research through the University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, and Morris Animal Foundation. Each year, GREYlong selects several studies they help sponsor.

Can I receive a bulk discount if I purchase multiple coats or collars at one time?
While we would love to offer discounts, it isn't as simple as large orders costing us less. All of our products are handcrafted; every single coat takes the same amount of time to create, regardless if one or three coats are purchased. The same effort goes into every M&M Design product. We also do not want to shortchange our commitment to animal health research and rescue organizations, who receive 100% of our profits. They have come to rely on our continued support.

Do you charge tax?
All sales shipped to an address in Kansas are charged the applicable 8.85% state sales tax.