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Holiday Designs
Collars are priced according to width of ribbon and ribbing used.  Most collars range between $16 to $34, not including shipping and tax. 
C88 Poinsettia
A colorful medley of poinsettia in reds and pinks on a cotton material
Price: $28 on 1.5 webbing 
with brass hardware
C166 Nutcracker
Line them up and you have a collar filled with Christmas nutcrackers on a white grosgrain background with red top stitching.
Price: $27 on 1.5 webbing  with NP hardware
D26 Merry Old England
Swirls of gold set on red cotton in a knights shield
Price: $33 on 2 webbing  with brass hardware

D38 Rudolph
A comic red nosed reindeer with red and white scarf on green fleece graces this fun holiday collar.  Trimmed in red.
Price: $33 on 2 webbing  with brass hardware
Our Signature Martingale-style collars are gentle and self-adjusting. They are made using the finest fabrics and
materials, from lush velvets, durable plaids, and silken grosgrain ribbons, to intricate brocades and sturdy denim. The
handcrafted collars and leashes are constructed using quality and hardware. Collars are lined for comfort and are triple
stitched at stress points to ensure lasting durability.

Before you chose a collar color, keep this in mind:

All the ribbons are first coded with an A, B, C, or D. 
If the ribbon is named with an A or a B that means the trim is 1 inch in width or smaller.  It will look
best on a 1 or possibly 1.5 width collar.
If the ribbon is named with a C that means the trim is 1.5 inches in width. It can only be placed on 1.5
webbing or it can be stitched to a 2 webbing, where some of the webbing may show on either side.
If the ribbon is named with a D, that trim can only be placed on 2 webbing.

Once you've selected the collar material for your special canine, a perfectly matching leash can also be crafted for the
ultimate in style, fashion and statement!  Leashes are made in 1 webbing and are 4 feet in length.  The grip is lined. 
If the collar color you chose does not come in a 1 trim, then we wrap the material at the grip and the clasp, as shown
below.  Be sure to ask for a quote for the set!