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About Us
My name is Lori and I'm a proud Greyhound owner, all former rescue racing hounds. About 13 years ago, my husband and I began volunteering our time to walk "adoptable" Greyhounds for a Midwest Greyhound rescue group. Greyhounds are such beautiful and elegant animals and looking at them, we couldn't help but think that potential adopters might pay more attention to these dogs if they were adorned with a special collar. Inheriting my love for sewing from my grandmother, I began the M&M Designs enterprise, named for our wonderful dogs at the time, Magic and Muffin.
While we specialize in Greyhound apparel, many other breeds have worn our special coats and collars. Several friends, neighbors and coworkers took notice of our lovely offerings and asked that we create a unique gift for their pets or for their friends' pets.
However, we wanted to make more of a difference and not just with Greyhounds. Through our "Cinderella enterprise," we donated 100 percent of our business profits to animal adoption programs and animal health studies through the nonprofit group GREYlong. GREYlong is a fundraising group who sponsors  studies focused on curing canine cancer. Every time you shop with us, your dollars are going toward helping animals through adoptions and health studies.
Murphy was an ambassador. He loved to meet new people and he never forgot a friend. He was one of the most sweet, gentle and benevolent Greyhounds you've ever seen.
Our Distribution of Profits
M&M Designs' Mission
To provide a beautiful, quality, safe product for dog owners that will encourage them to walk their dogs and also increase the potential for more dog rescue adoptions.

M&M Designs' Vision
Within  our lifetime to eradicate bone cancer in our precious pets through sponsorship of ongoing animal health studies to prevent this dreadful disease. Making a difference, one collar at a time.