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Belly Bands
Priced by length:
Length Width Size Price
Up to 15" 3"-5" Small $5.00
16"- 21" 5"-6" Medium $7.00
22' -30" 6"-7" Large $9.00
Belly bands are for those MALE dogs that are new to the home environment and haven't learned the backyard is the potty zone, or dogs with medical or geriatric incontinence issue.

Any of the coat fleece materials are available, but we recommend you chose a material that contrasts with the dog's coat color.

Chose fleece (sturdiest), cotton and fleece (medium weight) or flannel (lighter weight).  Our bands are made of two soft pieces of fleece or one piece of fleece and a lighter weight cotton, secured over the dog's back by wide Velcro strips. For extra protection against leakage, the bands can be lined with a feminine hygiene pad or a "Poise" or "Depends" (available at any grocery or department store or in bulk at a Sam's Wholesale or Costco).
We recommend having two belly bands on hand - in case one ends up in the wash, the other can be worn.

Bands are washable (make sure the Velcro is securely fastened prior to washing).

Our veterinarian took two home for his own dog, an elderly Yorkie. His wife gave our belly bands an A+ rating.
View our belly bands for sale here.