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Coat Features
  - A side patch pocket to hold small personal items, such as cookies, biscuit, business card or spare house key.
  - On large coats, we include our Signature SnoodTM which keeps those long, lovely necks warm and protected. Sorry, Snoods are not available on our small coats for small toy breeds.
If you use a dog collar to walk, let us know and we will add a buttonhole to the snood to allow for the dog collar/leash attachment.  If you use a harness, you can fit the harness over the dog coat, no buttonhole is needed.
- Tailored fit includes darts on the hind quarters.
- A wide chest wrap (depending on the dog's size, 9-11 inches long) that is secured by 1/5 inch adjustable Velcro closure. No cold bellies with our coat!
Fabric Weights
Lightweight: Perfect for cool temperatures.  Single fleece layer.
Medium/heavy weight: Our winter coat stays warmer with a double fleece layer.

Coat Collar Styles
Three styles to choose from: Trench, Straight and Mandarin. Click on the photo to enlarge.
Trench: This style features a 9-12 inch collar that tapers out 3 inches and is approximately 3 inches wide.
Straight collar: This simple but striking collar is rectangular shaped; it folds over and lies flat against the coat.
Mandarin: This lovely collar is rectangular in shape and stands up rather than lying flat. It is approximately 11 inches long by 3 inches.
Coat Care
Our coats are designed from fit to fabric for your dog's wash-and-wear life. Durably constructed, they are machine washable (excluding wool fabric coats). To wash, simply turn them inside out and make sure the Velcro is securely fastened before tossing them into the washing machines. The fleece may have some water repellency if washed with powder detergent instead of liquid.
Our Fabric
We have a wide variety of solid color fleece options. Some of the fabrics are no-pill (which means they don't get fuzzy (or develop small balls of fabric) when washed.
Our solid colors include black, classic navy, medium blue, brillian blue, light blue, hot pink, yellow, red, dark green, mint green and purple. Additional colors may be available from time to time. If you have a specific color in mind, call us and check on availability.
Plaids and other patterns sell out quickly. Please ask about availability. See our fabric choices.
How to measure your dog for a greyt fit!
straight collar on coat
Mandarin collar on coat
Our premiere product: beautifully tailored coats are custom made for your special canine.  For cool, cold and wet weather and we specialize in fitting the deep-chested, narrow-waist sight hounds. 
We do have some coats already made and ready for sale
Length Price
31" or less $49
27" $42
24" $37
21" $35
15" $24
Rain Coats $35
Pajamas $25
Coat Pricing
F1 Black and Gold Cube
F1 Black and Gold Cube