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M&M Coat - Our coats are custom made to fit your dog based on the measurements you provide. For the most part our beautiful coats are not made until you order, but there are some coats in relatively standard sizes listed here.

Please use the following measurement guides and diagram to measure your dog’s length, chest circumference and chest width.

If you have any doubt or questions, call us. Click on the diagram to enlarge.

Length - Measure A on the diagram. Generally, sizes are based on a measurement along the dog's spine from
approximately 1 inch below the dog's collar (when he or she is standing) to the base of the tail (or whever you
want the coat to end). Some folks like more tail coverage than others. Here are some general measurements for
most dog coat length
Tiny (Italian Greyhound size) - 14 inches long
Small (dogs weighing about 50 pounds ) - 26 to 28 inches long
Medium (dogs weighing about 65 pounds) - 28 to 30 inches long
Large (dogs weighing about 75-85 pounds) - 30-32 inches long
Extra large (dogs weighing about 90 pounds) - 32 inches long

Chest circumference - Measurement B on the diagram. This measurement begins right behind the dog's front leg;
measure  around the deepest portion of the chest. An accurate measurement helps us position the Velcro
fastener correctly. Most chest circumferences are usually from 29 to 34 inches.

Chest Width - Measurement C on the diagram. Measure from the top of the one shoulder, around the front of the
dog's chest, under the dog's chin, to the same  point on the top of the other shoulder. Chest width measurements
are usually between 15 and 18 inches.
Fitting your dog for a M&M Coat
How to measure for a coat